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Assessing employees can be a long and sometimes stressful process, especially when you want to get feedback from many people. In this article, learn more about Feedback 360: a slightly different evaluation process that may be easier than you think.

What is Feedback 360?

Also called 360 degree assessment, 360 feedback is a process of evaluating technical, social and behavioral skills in a professional context.

When done well, this particular technique is so effective that Forbes strongly advises its use. The media estimates that more than 85% of Fortune 500 companies use the 360 ​​degree feedback process as the cornerstone of their managerial approach. Its specificity? 360 feedback collects all the feedback that matters, at all levels of the company. They can be colleagues, managers, hierarchical superiors, employees but also customers, partners, suppliers and service providers, for example. As its name suggests, the 360° evaluation is therefore based on the idea of ​​a multi-angle vision to provide successful feedback.

What are the objectives and advantages of this type of evaluation?

360-degree feedback goes beyond traditional feedback, which is generally top-down and stressful. Indeed, the collaborator often perceives the evaluation interview as a judgment of his work.

By going beyond an evaluation from superior to subordinate and by collecting all the useful opinions, we obtain a richer and more precise feedback. It is also about going through a self-assessment, and identifying convergences and divergences with the opinion of others. 360 feedback can thus reveal:

  • blind spots. Either the elements of interpersonal skills or know-how that we lack and that other people allow us to identify.
  • hidden forces. Either the elements of know-how or know-how that we have without being aware of it and that we could put to good use.

In fact, 360 feedback is a process that allows you to turn a stressful moment into a moment of co-construction and exchange to leave room for change. It is therefore rather a source of motivation.

How to implement a successful 360 feedback?

Implement a process of feedback constructif is not innate. But fortunately, it can be learned! Indeed, it is not productive to focus on what went wrong. On the other hand, underlining the points of improvement, the lessons learned, and the strong points makes it possible to move forward as a team.

Because that’s what it’s all about. To implement an individual but also collective improvement process based on everyone’s feedback. This is why Nicomak has designed a feedback tool based on the development, and not on evaluation in the strict sense. 360feedback is a simplified, powerful and highly customizable 360 ​​degree feedback tool. You will receive the results via a personalized report, enriched with clear action-oriented advice. It is developed to allow you to develop a concrete action plan specific to your structure. So get started!

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