Atomic Heart is atomized and a record has just fallen


Atomic Heart has already blown players away and a rather impressive record has just fallen.

Despite the controversies that make a lot of talk, Atomic Heart has managed to seduce a large audience of curious people. This atypical FPS, which shares many similarities with a certain Bioshock , offers a surprising and intriguing trip to a fantastic Russia of the 1940s and 1950s where technology has turned against man. And while it’s not flawless, Mundfish’s game still has a lot of interesting things up its sleeve. In any case, the game was enjoyed and the players seem for the most part delighted to have tried it. Others have decided to push it to its limits to start breaking speedrun records , and the first to surprise elsewhere.

Atomic Heart already broken by speedrunners

The speedrunner seekerTV has just completely broken Atomic Heart and finished it in just over 7 minutes, where it normally takes about fifteen hours for ordinary mortals. The icing on the cake, seekerTV managed the performance by playing only a few minutes. By bending the game to his will, the speedrunner manages to glitch the game from the start and catapult himself directly to the end of the game cinematic. How does he succeed? How did he find the glitch in question? Mystery. But it’s still very surprising.

A record closely followed

On the leaderboard you can also see that others have also tried and stick to the train of the current holder of the first place. Notably a certain Delise who recorded a time of 7m06, one second more than the current record. It is certain that this chrono will soon be crushed by clever little ones who will certainly manage to find a parade to escape the cutscenes for example.
As a reminder, Atomic Heart is currently available on PS5, Xbox Series , PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game is also available on Xbox Game Pass for all subscribers.

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