CSR and the fight against discrimination

CSR and the fight against discrimination Image credit: Photo by Fauxels on Pexels, cropped by Nicomak

Demonstrating diversity is an asset for the company. It is a key factor in open-mindedness, well-being at work and social cohesion, but also represents a vector of innovation and performance. CSR can promote the fight against discrimination and allow your company to have a positive impact on society. It also allows you to highlight your commitments and your corporate values.

Discrimination still present

If some still doubted it, the 15e barometer of the perception of discrimination in employment, published in December 2022 by the International Labor Organization (ILO) is formal: discrimination is still very present in our French companies. The results show us in particular that:

  • 25% of the overall active population declare having already experienced a situation of discrimination or discriminatory harassment in the context of their job search or during their career. The fact of being born abroad exposes more;
  • 46% of the global working population have already been confronted with stigmatizing remarks, 33% with illegal requests during an interview that confirm sexist prejudices, norms and behaviors (demands on physical appearance, weight or pregnancy at to delay) ;
  • And let’s not forget the repercussions either: at the end of discriminatory treatment, nearly 70% of the people concerned admit to having gone through a period when their mental health deteriorated (sadness, fatigue, depression, fear, feelings of isolation); and more than half of them suffered these long-term psychological repercussions.

While these numbers are staggering, discrimination is not inevitable. Each company can put in place the necessary tools to fight against discrimination, in particular by adopting a CSR approach.

Fight against discrimination: a major point of CSR

We all have, at our level, a role to play in the fight against discrimination. By taking action and implementing the right processes within our companies, we can reduce and then eliminate these inequalities.

CSR is the application of the principles of sustainable development within the company. Implementing a CSR approach allows, through a global commitment of the company, to register your values ​​of diversity and inclusion in the long term. Especially since, remember, you can discriminate or be a victim yourself without knowing it. Unconscious cognitive biases may be responsible for this.

Introducing a CSR approach makes it possible in particular to:

  • Be in compliance with the law;
  • Work more responsibly and more inclusively;
  • Have a positive impact on society;
  • Optimize its human resources management and be more efficient;
  • Improve business performance;
  • Demonstrate its commitment and enhance its image as a socially responsible company.

Establish an ethical charter and a code of conduct to also allow you to ensure the longevity of your inclusion work. Already mandatory for companies with more than 20 employees, these documents allow you to put your commitments on paper and detail them through concrete applications. The company must ensure that all its employees undertake to respect the charter.


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