Delegate and control: a fine balance

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If a manager must assume the responsibilities of his position, however, doing everything alone remains impossible. We can never repeat it enough: a good manager must know how to delegate certain tasks, both for his own good and that of the company and its employees. He must also ensure that the work is progressing well. But between delegating and controlling, there is a fair balance to be found.

Delegating is not synonymous with abandoning the burden of responsibility to a colleague. Nor is it about giving someone a mission while monitoring their progress down to the smallest detail. So, delegate and control: how to proceed?

Why delegate?

Delegation is essential to ensure the proper development of the organization. It represents a management act in itself and allows all the actors of the company to reveal their talents.

Indeed, delegation is not a desperate act to which to turn in the event of an emergency, an excessive workload or when a task displeases us. It is rather a management technique to be put in place on an ongoing basis in order to guarantee the agility of the company and collaboration within the teams.

The delegation allows in particular to:

  • Better manage your time. When the manager is freed from certain obligations, he/she can devote himself to other missions with high added value. This person thus gains in productivity and can put their talents at the service of the company.
  • Developing your teams. By delegating a mission to a collaborator, we allow him to gain skills. This person can learn to use new tools, expand their network, take initiatives… So many skills that they can use to manage future projects and/or develop their career.
  • Motivate and empower employees. By delegating a mission, you express to your collaborator that you trust him. You allow him to invest himself more and to feel in his place.

And it is on this last point that we wish to insist today. Delegating can only motivate and empower employees if they are given enough autonomy. Of course, delegating well means monitoring and guiding the progress of the work without stifling our colleague.

Delegate: control without suffocating

It is first important to keep in mind that constantly monitoring the progress of the work is counterproductive and inefficient. In addition, it prevents the person working on the project from taking initiatives and/or innovating.

However, it is still useful and recommended to make regular checks to monitor the work. This is especially true when dealing with a complex or time-consuming task. But these points should not be too close together. The dates may even have been chosen together beforehand and included in a delegation contract. These meetings are an opportunity to ensure that everything is progressing as planned and that deadlines are respected. This is also the perfect time to answer any potential questions.

In order to keep control over the project without suffocating your collaborator, it is also important to give as much information as possible beforehand. Before implementing delegation, be sure to clearly describe the context of the project and be specific about the expected results. Also stay open and available throughout the execution of the task.

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