DPEF: How to produce an integrated report?

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The CSR approach is today surrounded by a legal framework that is impossible to ignore. CSR reporting is itself increasingly codified, in particular by the DPEF (Declaration on Extra-Financial Performance) and the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive). Today, we are looking at the DPEF and its integrated report.

What is an integrated report?

Within the framework of the DPEF, an integrated report is a synthetic communication which presents the financial and extra-financial data of a company. It aims to show how the company creates value in the short, medium and long term for the organization and its stakeholders.

This is indeed a voluntary process that provides a global vision of the company inspired by the initiative of theInternational Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC). This report is part of a logic of integrated thinkingthat is to say that it brings coherence to all the dimensions of the company: economic, social, societal, financial, environmental, ethical and governance.

With regard to the strategic objectives of the company and its ecosystem, the integrated report reports on the performance and the objectives of the company based on financial and extra-financial indicators (sometimes referred to as “pre-financial” because sooner or later translating into financial impacts). It is therefore of strategic importance.

Indeed, the integrated report is not limited solely to financial resources. He defines the value of an organization according to 6 types of capital:

  • Financier
  • Manufacturer
  • Intellectual
  • Human
  • Social and societal
  • Environmental

Who is concerned ?

The integrated report is not a mandatory document. However, it is an excellent way for any organization to communicate on its commitments and its merits. The integrated reporting approach can indeed make it possible to improve the quality of the information made available to investors and other stakeholders, to offer them a different form, and to direct them to the more detailed regulatory documents that the company publishes. .

The integrated report ultimately constitutes an opportunity for any company to convince the stakeholders of its legitimacyof sound usefulness and of their contribution to the common good.

How to create an integrated report?

Do you also want to produce an integrated report that highlights your CSR approach? Nicomak can help you determine the financial and extra-financial indicators that highlight your commitments, and write a tailor-made integrated report. Here are the key steps to achieve an integrated report:

  • Identify all stakeholders ;
  • Identify value creation processes for all stakeholders;
  • Define strategic objectives. For this, it may be useful to carry out an analysis of the risks and opportunities linked to your activity using a materiality matrix or an assessment of intangible capital.
  • Develop an action plan aligned with strategic objectives. This step optimizes value creation and anticipates risks.
  • Identify and track performance indicators. This makes it possible to evaluate the value creation processes and to identify the objectives achieved or not.
  • Write and publish the integrated report. This report must remain concise (between 15 and 50 pages) and accessible to all your stakeholders.
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