How can sustainable development be implemented locally?

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Public and private actors all have a role to play in the implementation of a sustainable development approach at the local level. But concretely: how can local sustainable development be implemented? And by whom?

L’Agenda 2030 local

Are you familiar with the 2030 Agenda? This is the merger of the Development Agenda (which covered the main humanitarian issues for 2015) and that of the Earth Summits (which laid down the principles of environmental preservation, then development sustainability including the social dimension.)

The 2030 Agenda is organized around 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 169 targets (or sub-goals). It thus provides a detailed roadmap covering practically all societal issues, through the prism of social justice, economic growth, peace, solidarity and the preservation of ecosystems.

If the 2030 Agenda is universal, we also speak of a Agenda 2030 local. The Local 2030 Agenda is a way for communities to appropriate the ODD et de les territorialiser. In other words, it allows them to align all of their policies with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Climate Chance has also published an inventory of achievements and works carried out by local authorities in France and around the world to strengthen the impact of the 2030 Agenda on the territories.

What methodological framework for local sustainable development?

There are different approaches that allow communities to implement local sustainable development initiatives. Brookings Institution, with its project “Local Leaderships on the Sustainable Development Goals”, explores the bottom-up approach for the implementation and territorialisation of the SDGs by local authorities. It thus identifies 5 stages:

  • Awareness of the SDGs and their interest;
  • The inventory of the alignment of their strategies, plans and policies with these SDGs;
  • The analysis of the opportunities and weaknesses of their actions;
  • Taking action to foster better alignment with the SDGs;
  • The evaluation of their actions based on monitoring indicators. They make it possible to establish what worked or not, and to start a new cycle.

Local sustainable development: practical tools

Local authorities in many countries have developed and use tools that facilitate the implementation of sustainable development initiatives at the local level. Some procedures also make it possible to report on what has already been done.

For example, we can cite:

  • Budgeting procedures;
  • The development of databases for the construction of indicators and to facilitate monitoring;
  • The creation of new bodies or new specific positions specifically responsible for driving and monitoring the approaches related to the SDGs;
  • The creation of a Voluntary Local Review, which draws up an inventory of the progress of the 2030 Agenda in the territory;
  • Use the SDGs as a “checklist”. This helps to assess how well existing projects are aligned with sustainability strategies and to develop appropriate monitoring indicators

Do you also want to get involved in local sustainable development? Nicomak can support you in the design and implementation of your strategic approach, and involve your stakeholders in the adventure.

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