How to become an internal QSE auditor?

How to become an internal QSE auditor? Image credit: Photo by [email protected] on Unsplash, cut by Nicomak

The QSE internal auditor or auditor has a crucial role for the company in which he or she operates. By verifying the compliance and efficiency of processes and procedures, and by identifying areas for improvement, this person will enable the company to move in the right direction and continuously. So let’s see together: how to become QSE internal auditor ?

What is the role of an internal QSE auditor?

The internal auditor is responsible for evaluating objectively the organization’s management system and its governance system. The purpose of this approach is to enable the company to achieve its objectives and to acquire or renew ISO 9001 certification.

Brief update on the ISO 9001 standard

The ISO 9001 standard is intended for any organization wishing to continuously improve customer satisfaction and provide compliant products and services. Thus, this standard dictates the quality procedures to be followed to achieve theorganizational excellence and contribute to theperformance improvement. She is part of the family of ISO 9000which relate to quality management.

Any good QSE internal auditor must master the ISO 9001 standard. More broadly, he or she must be very familiar with the entire series of ISO 9000 standards.

How does an internal auditor work?

To comply with the ISO 9001 standard, the company must in particular carry out internal quality audits. But beyond this normative obligation, internal audit is an effective tool for continuous improvement within an organization. Indeed, the internal auditor allows the organization to take a step back from the practices implemented. His expert eye also allows him to highlight whether or not his practices comply with his main internal requirements, those of his customers, or the ISO 9001 standard.

To carry out the entire QSE audit process, the internal auditor uses specific methods and tools. He or she knows how to dig into his toolbox and his panoply of techniques at each stage of the process. Whether it concerns the preparation, the realization (meetings, interviews, collection of evidence, etc.), the drafting of the audit report based on the evidence gathered or the follow-up.

Finally, throughout the audit process, the internal auditor applies precise ethical rules, adapts his communication with the various actors and brings his added value in order to acquire a transversal vision of the organization’s activities and bring together the most valuable information possible.

How to become an internal QSE auditor?

To become a QSE internal auditor, the main thing is above all to learn how to:

  • Master the key elements of a quality management system;
  • Understand what the ISO 9001 standard is all about and decipher its requirements;
  • Understand the internal audit process, and learn how to implement its specific methodology, techniques and tools.

Of course, it is also necessary to be interested in the continuous improvement process of your organization’s management system. Just as it is crucial to have good interpersonal skills, especially in terms of listening and reformulation.

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