How to have autonomy at work?

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Autonomy at work is today a skill highly valued by recruiters and managers. However, developing this skill is not always easy. Here are some practical tips for any employee wishing to develop this skill and have autonomy at work.

Autonomy at work: what is it?

We speak of autonomy at work when a person is able to make professional decisions without waiting for someone else to tell them what to do. She herself knows how to organize and carry out the tasks necessary for the proper conduct of her work. This skill allows him to make decisions that fit perfectly into the context, values ​​and identity of the company.

Autonomy at work can develop thanks to a certain professional maturity and refers to taking initiative, organization and the idea of ​​freedom at work. A collaborator can completely improve his self-confidence and his sense of responsibility to acquire more autonomy.

A few steps to develop your autonomy at work

Manage your priorities

The so-called secondary tasks, that is to say that do not serve your main objective, take up a considerable amount of time. If you don’t make an active effort to manage your priorities, it’s easy to overlook your main professional goals. Gold, Knowing how to manage your time and increase your efficiency at work are key elements to gaining autonomy. It also shows your manager that he/she can trust you to carry out a mission.

In particular, you can help yourself with Eisenhower matrix, a task management tool based on two prioritization criteria: urgency and importance. Thanks to this tool, you can easily classify tasks into four categories: priority tasks, to plan, to delegate and to abandon.

Build trust

Autonomy at work is very strongly linked to the trust that your manager and your colleagues have in you. If they are not sure that they can trust you, there is little chance that you will be entrusted with a mission calmly.

To engender trust, it is neither necessary nor recommended to say yes to everything, or to volunteer for all the missions to be accomplished. On the contrary !

Start by identifying the skills that make your added value, as well as your limits.

Put your skills forward by fully committing to projects for which you are competent. At the same time, you can work on filling your gaps to gain skills and versatility. Your manager will appreciate your existing skills and commitment.

Leverage your experience

Whether you are confirmed, junior, or even an intern, you have experience. However, drawing on this experience allows you to find the resources necessary to gain autonomy. Use your previous experiences and take advantage of what they have given you: skills, knowledge, tools, contacts…

Your unique experience is your added value, whether it’s the positions you’ve held, volunteer projects, your unique life path, etc. In addition, highlighting this experience will allow your manager to see that your background, whatever it is, is unique and valuable.

How to have autonomy at work: be proactive

As you gain self-confidence, do not hesitate to express your interest in a project, to suggest possible solutions, to show your mastery of the subject. In short: to show that you are capable of managing it, independently and confidently.

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