Inclusion or insertion? What differences?

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Insertion, inclusion, integration… We hear a lot about it in the context of the company. However, these concepts are very different from each other. Today, we take stock of inclusion and integration: What are the differences? Who is concerned ? For what ?

What is business integration?

When we talk about integration, we are generally talking about social or professional integration. This is a process that allows an individual removed from employment to prepare for a return to employment in the “classic” labor market under conditions conducive to obtaining a long-term position.

Who is concerned ?

Professional integration can therefore concern anyone in precariousness or social difficulty, from the age of 18 up to retirement age. This represents today at least 2 million people far from a professional activity in France. THE Ambition pact for integration through economic activity distinguishes several categories of people concerned by professional integration, according to age, social status or demographic status:

  • The long-term unemployed,
  • Recipients of social minima,
  • unemployed people with disabilities,
  • Young people who are unemployed and out of school,
  • people without resources,
  • People living in a fragile territory,
  • Single parents or people who have recently arrived in France

Which companies promote professional integration?

l’Integration through Economic Activity (IAE) is an approach implemented by companies to reconcile economic, social and territorial points of view. These specialized structures offer people who are far from employment enhanced support aimed at facilitating their social and professional integration through specific employment contracts.

Integration enterprises are SMEs which are subject to the same tax, legal and economic rules as any company and which sign agreements with the State allowing them toto welcome and D’to accompany these workers.

In France, there are 4 types of structures of this kind:

  • The Integration Company (service to businesses and communities)
  • The Temporary Integration Work Company (building and public works)
  • The Integration Workshop and Workshop (environment)
  • Intermediary Associations (personal services)

What about inclusion then?

As you have understood, integration takes place in specialized companies and targets people far from employment. Inclusion is for all employees, in all types of organizations.

At the base of the inclusion process is a simple principle: Diversity is a wealth. And this is to be taken literally, because beyond a human approach, it is also a question of economic performance. Indeed, inclusion is also the idea that all profiles can create value. It is therefore for an organization to create favorable conditions for everyone to evolve and express themselves in all their uniqueness, creativity, and nuances.

A good inclusion approach is therefore based on the implementation of inclusion actions and processes allowing all employees to feel valued in their work, autonomous, at ease, and responsible for their missions.

Whatever your specific situation, Nicomak can help you better manage the diversity of your teams in order to make them more efficient and place your organization in a dynamic beneficial for all.

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