Inspiration for a healthy lunch at work


A good preparation at the beginning of the week is very important. Of course you can carefully plan your lunch for every day and do your shopping based on that, but it is also nice to be able to improvise a bit. So make sure you always have a few basic ingredients at home. Choose a base, such as bread, couscous, quinoa, wraps, pasta, etc. in combination with vegetables and meats of your choice. My own favorites are lettuce, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, cucumber and chicken breast slices. For more inspiration, we give you our tips in this article!

From dinner to lunch

Do you have leftovers from the evening that would also be nice cold? Do not throw away! These leftovers are very suitable to take to work in a plastic container. It couldn’t be easier to prepare your lunch. You can also make too much on purpose, then you are guaranteed a nice lunch the next day.


Putting together a salad is very easy if you only have a few of the basic ingredients mentioned above. Take lettuce as a base and add vegetables and meat of your choice. Other tasty ingredients to add are a boiled egg, avocado, feta, goat cheese or nuts. With a little imagination you can go a long way! If you want to make the salad a bit more filling, you can also add quinoa or couscous, or make a tasty pasta salad.


You can also easily fill wraps with all vegetables and meat products and make an easy and tasty lunch. For example, start with slices of chicken breast and arugula and fill with bell pepper, cucumber and cherry tomatoes. Roll the wrap, cut it in half if necessary and wrap in aluminum foil. A tasty variation on the wrap is an omelette wrap. Bake a thin omelette instead of a wrap and fill it as you would with a normal wrap.

Yogurt or cottage cheese

Scoop a portion of quark or yogurt in a bowl, add a handful of fruit and take some muesli or granola with you separately. The fruit does not necessarily have to be fresh. You can also use frozen fruit. If you prepare this lunch the night before or in the morning, the fruit will have thawed by the time you eat lunch. Just like salads, there are also special containers available for yogurt where you can take muesli with you in a separate attachment, so you don’t have to mix it until you eat. Ideal!

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