Management and inclusion: strong links

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Inclusion is a major step in combating prejudice. In particular, it makes it possible to develop the strengths and talents of a plurality of individuals at the service of the company. In this article, Nicomak gives you all the keys to better understand the role of management in inclusion and the fight against discrimination.

A few words about inclusion in business

Let’s first recall what we are talking about when we talk about inclusion. It is impossible to talk about inclusion without talking about discrimination, which is still very present in our French companies.

The 14th edition of the barometer on the perception of discrimination in employment reports that in 2021, more than one in three young people say they have already experienced a situation of discrimination or discriminatory harassment in employment.

The challenge of inclusion is to fight against this sometimes unconscious discrimination that is expressed during the recruitment phases but also in positions in the company. Recognizing the difference of each person and valuing it allows in particular:

  • Improve the quality of life of employees;
  • To adhere to and support human values ​​and to take into account current societal challenges;
  • To foster innovation by believing in the power of individual talents;
  • To boost the performance of the organization;
  • To highlight your brand image.

Inclusive management: what is it?

Management is a major player in inclusion. We speak of inclusive management when an organization implements an active approach aimed at involving and promoting all individuals in the company, regardless of their differences, through a policy of equal treatment..

It is not a question of ignoring the heterogeneity of profiles, but rather of recognizing and recognizing the singularities of each and everyone. Indeed, letting these differences live in the same work environment allows a plurality of points of view and ways of approaching a project. Your company will therefore gain in creativity and dynamism.

To achieve diversity and implement inclusive management, it is essential that managers are trained in inclusive management.

How to promote inclusive management?

In addition to training, it is of course essential that managers adhere to these values ​​of diversity and inclusion. But beyond that, it is important to recognize that managers cannot work alone.

Inclusion is a global approach that concerns all of the company’s stakeholders. It must be accepted and adopted by everyone in order to be a vector of change. Raising employee awareness and training is therefore a first step in promoting the success of inclusive management.

This also requires new operating rules, and why not the signing of an ethical charter in favor of the fight against discrimination. This can promote adoption and engagement for all. The implementation of a solid CSR policy is also inevitable.

The human resources policy is also central to inclusive management. It is a question both of carrying out a recruitment that will allow a wide variety of profiles to join the teams, and of establishing inclusion processes that allow them to feel comfortable and belonging to the work team. .

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