Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: two huge DLCs and a ton of surprises!


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet took advantage of the latest Pokemon Direct to give us some huge, long-awaited announcements.

It’s a shower of good news that has just fallen on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet . The two proud representatives of 9G came by during the last Pokemon Direct to announce some very big surprises. A whole bunch of new features are expected during the year, including two expansions. The next big update was also mentioned.

Not one, but two big DLCs for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The arrival of a DLC was only rumors, but it is finally a reality. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will indeed have the right to additional content. This new adventure, titled “ The Buried Treasure of Zone Zero ” will be divided into two parts. DLC 1: The Turquoise Mask will send us to discover a new area outside of Paldea, while DLC 2: The Indigo Disc will offer us a completely new experience.
Each of these two parts will offer no less than 230 new small monsters never seen before in Paldea, including two new legendary Ogerpon (in green) and Terapagos (in blue). The opportunity to expand your collection.

DLC 1: The Turquoise Mask – release fall 2023

In this first DLC, we will be able to discover a whole new game area, the Septentria region. You will be able to discover brand new environments such as wild plains, rice paddies, orchards, and even mountains. A large village will also be nestled at the foot of the reliefs where it will be possible to find many merchants. The opportunity to get your hands on unique objects. As a bonus, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will take advantage of this first DLC to add 3 exclusive legendary Pokemon, in addition to Ogerpon. These are Félicanis, Fortusimia and Favianos (visible in the background on the image below). We don’t know much about them except that they will be very important for the locals of Septentria and that they will certainly have a role in our adventure.

DLC 2: The Indigo Disc – Winter 2023 release

Then will come a second DLC which will send us this time to meet a new school during a school exchange. We can thus visit the Myrtille Institute although we do not know where it is. Here, Nintendo did not give us a lot of information except that the plot will join that started with the first DLC, that new Pokémon will also be there, in particular the legendary Terapagos

An exclusive Pokemon offered for buyers

To celebrate the arrival of its DLCs, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet intend to reward players who checkout. It will indeed be possible to get your hands on an exclusive Pokemon with unique and strategic special abilities. It is therefore a Zoroark of Hisui that will be given to you if you buy the extension “The buried treasure of Zone Zero” before October 31, 2023.

  • Zoroark Hisui exclusif
    • Type Name : Dark
    • SKILLS
      • gifts
      • Machination
      • Heart of Rancor
      • Name-Explosion

Big updates to come

In addition to the two DLCs announced, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be entitled to several updates and new features. For example, we finally had confirmation that the duo will finally be compatible with Pokemon HOME in the coming weeks. Likewise, Scarlet and Violet will open up to Pokemon GO . you can then transfer your Pokemon there, in particular the exclusive form of Mordudor or the different colors of Prismillon.

In addition, two new legendary Paradox creatures have been announced and are coming in special raids from Monday February 27 to Sunday March 12, 2023. These are alternate versions of Suicune and Viridium, which will be renamed here for the occasion.

    • Serpente-Eau
      • Type: Dragon / Water
      • Tera Type: Water
    • Iron-Green
      • Type: Plant / Psychic
      • Tera Type: Psychic


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