QSE and HR: strong links that should not be overlooked

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Focused on Quality, Safety and the Environment, the main goal of the QSE approach is to ensure the safety of employees and the working environment. QSE is therefore not just the business of the technician / QSE facilitator, but involves a real global internal commitment. Today we are looking at the strong link between QSE and HR.

QSE objectives

QSE is a global approach that can be thought of according to three areas of work:

  • Limit occupational risks. This is to ensure a prevention of physical and mental health risks collaborators. In addition to promoting the well-being of all, this approach reduces the economic losses linked to absenteeism and long-term sick leave. Safety management is governed by the ISO 45001 standard.
  • Improve the manufacturing quality of products and services globally: After-sales service, technicality and quality of the materials used, choice of suppliers… We can then based on the ISO 9001 standard.
  • Limit the impact of the activity on the environment. The aim here is to reduce the company’s carbon footprint by reducing and recovering waste, by reducing the consumption of resources (water, electricity, etc.), by optimizing the goods transport system and staff travel, etc Environmental management is governed by standard 14001.

The role of the QSE facilitator technician

The QSE technician-facilitator is responsible for the proper implementation of the company’s QSE policy. He therefore ensures the proper application in the field of the action plan drawn up by the QSE department. In this context, he ensures compliance with procedures at each position in the company, and can identify training, support and equipment needs.

Thus, the QSE manager is in close contact with the operational teams and the management of the company in order to ensure compliance with the regulations in terms of the environment, quality and safety.

A major asset of the company, the QSE manager and/or facilitator contributes to:

  • Increase the competitiveness of the company – in particular by facilitating the continuous improvement of production processes and products
  • Improve the image of the company. A company that strives to improve the quality of its products, its impact on the environment and its working conditions is a company that attracts quality partners, talents and customers.
  • Save money by optimizing processes
  • Federate and retain teams

A strong link between QSE and HR

HR and QSE managers have many common issues. We are thinking in particular of the needs to manage work and management situations remotely, to reinforce the precautionary principle, to think of new office/workshop layouts, to maintain the workforce in the company, etc.

So, the joint work between HR and QSE managers can allow greater transversality and solidity in the management of quality, safety and the environment. Whether they deal with health at work or more technical aspects related to the profession practiced, the training and authorization of personnel are two strong components of QSE and HR. The expertise of Human Resources in the implementation of training systems can bring real added value to the QSE approach. In the same way, the QSE department can provide a real boost to the HR department in the use of reliable health and safety indicators and the modernization of certain processes.

So to federate around a QSE project, we recommend that you do not neglect the added value of solid links between QSE and HR.

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