Remote QSE training: is it possible?

Remote QSE training: is it possible? Image credit: Photo by Ivan Samkov on Pexels, cropped by Nicomak

The approach of Quality, Safety and Environment (QSE) at work is constantly changing. This is why exercising the exciting professions of or QSE manager requires specific training and reflexes. The training prepares candidates for the realities of the field and to meet the expectations of companies. If these jobs interest you, you have certainly already wondered: Is it possible to take QSE training remotely? We answer you.

To do what ?

Many companies today wish to welcome or train in-house professionals in the QSE approach. These can be organizations from many business sectors, including agribusiness, services and industry, or the environment. The QSE approach aims, through specific management, to improve the company’s performance in compliance with regulatory requirements.

A rich and varied QSE training thus meets a need and a demand from the job market. It allows you to know which key missions are to be implemented as a QSE technician and which tools to use to ensure success. Taking QSE training is also a key element in learning how to involve all of the company’s players. It is indeed crucial to learn how to raise awareness and support employees to work together on the performance of the company in compliance with standards.

The essential points of QSE training

As you will have understood, good QSE training allows you to:

  • Know how to set up quality procedures
  • Respond to occupational health and safety issues
  • Master the issues of crisis management and risk governance

Yes but how ? Well, every training is different. We have, however, identified three areas that we believe are essential for effective training in the profession of QSE technician. within a company.

  • Understand the role and actors of the QSE system, as well as the related vocabulary;
  • Know the regulations and standards that apply today to be able to identify what works and what needs to be adjusted in the field;
  • Know how to coordinate, raise awareness, support actors in monitoring action plans in the field and ensure follow-up through key indicators and audits

Are you tempted? SO, how to become a QSE technician ?

Remote QSE training

Remote QSE training: is it possible? Absolutely !

Today, many training courses are accessible remotely. However, it is essential to ensure that practical application through exercises, simulations, videos, role plays and questionnaires remains possible. We know that going to a training center is not always easy when leading an active professional life. This is why with Nicomak, we adapt our QSE training methods to the constraints of each person thanks to tools such as Zoom, Teams, Klaxoon, etc.

All our training courses are designed with an adapted pedagogy to make them as concrete as possible, even at a distance. they are based on current teaching techniques and discussion times in order to give you all the keys to a successful career in QSE.

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