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Many companies now want to be more involved in a CSR approach. In this article, we explain how to rhyme responsible purchasing and CSR in order to create a particularly effective lever for combining economic performance, social responsibility et ecological commitment.

Rethinking the purchasing process

We’re talking aboutresponsible purchasing to designate the consideration of the three pillars of CSR and sustainable development in the act of purchasing. It is therefore for an organization to ensure that the products or services it buys, like the company that provides them, take into account societal and environmental issues.

By rethinking their purchasing process and placing CSR at the heart of their operations, companies are thus more inclined to develop an activity with less, or even no, impact on the environment and consumer health.

For all stakeholders involved in or impacted by purchasing decisions and processes, there is an essential tool. it’s about the ISO 20400:2017 standardwhich provides all organizations with guidelines for integrating CSR into their purchasing process.

CSR: How to create a responsible purchasing process?

Purchasing that preserves the environmental, social and economic interests of all interested parties in a balanced and sustainable manner is said to be responsible. To be considered responsible and sustainable, they must therefore integrate the three pillars of sustainable development.

Environmental pillar

The impact of purchasing decisions on the environment should be taken into account here. For example, are natural resources exploited in a sustainable way for the production of these goods/services? Does the company that supplies them make sure to preserve the environment? To prevent risks? Does it include biodiversity in its environmental and CSR commitments?

Economic pillar

To respect the economic pillar of CSR, the purchasing process must take into account its economic impact on the organization, its environment and its suppliers in a global cost logic. It also involves promoting long-term cooperation with suppliers, aimed at jointly managing sustainable development issues within the framework of mutually beneficial relationships.

Pillar Social

To be responsible and sustainable, it is imperative that the procurement process respects human rights. It must also take into account all the social aspects of the supply chain.

Implement a responsible purchasing approach

Embarking on a responsible purchasing process does not mean sacrificing financial performance. On the contrary, a controlled responsible purchasing process also means greater control of your costs since you save money in the long term. But to be able to adopt a responsible purchasing approach, it is essential to know the ecological and socially responsible levers.

So if you want to embark on the adventure, here are 5 steps to start your process:

  • Train employees in responsible purchasing. Appoint a manager or a committee in charge of developing the Responsible Purchasing strategy
  • Take stock of your current practices (to find out what needs to be changed);
  • Make a list of the conditions to be respected in the choice of your suppliers;
  • Communicate and monitor your responsible purchasing approach
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