The Government extends the deadline to request the Digital Kit to December 2024


The Government will extend the deadline to request the Digital Kit for the self-employed and SMEs until December 2024 , as announced on Monday by the First Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs, Nadia Calviño .

The vice president took advantage of a press meeting at the Mobile World Congress to announce the expansion of the program, which has authorized the disbursement of 850 million euros in bonds for small and medium-sized companies to acquire basic digital services.

More than 150,000 companies have benefited from the program , which has a budget of more than 3,000 million euros from recovery funds.

Calviño also pointed out that the Government has awarded GMV and Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech the contract to house one of the first European quantum computers, which will entail an investment in Spain of 12 million euros through the Quantum Spain programme.

The computer will be installed in Barcelona within the Mare Nostrum V , one of the main supercomputers in Europe and located in the Barcelona Supercomputing Center.

Furniture Agenda

The vice president attended the traditional dinner with the king on Sunday and has participated with him in his initial visit to the party and the private meal that he has with company representatives. In the meeting with the media, she praised the monarch’s interest in the technology sector.

Likewise, the person in charge of the digital transformation policy will meet with several companies to discuss possible investments in the country such as Cisco and Intel, which are the first participants in the Perte Chip.

In addition, he will also meet with Netflix , IBM and the NXT semiconductor company, as he explained during this speech, in which he also stressed that the latest measures against inflation still have a way to influence the fall in prices, in view of the publication of the inflation data next Tuesday.


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