These are the price increases in Orange rates from March


Inflation has caused several companies to increase the price of their products or services This is what has happened with the large telecommunications companies, such as Movistar and Vodafone , which raised the cost of their rates at the beginning of this year . Orange , for its part, had resisted following in the footsteps of its competitors, but in the end the operator has been forced to carry out the same practice. 

Two months after Movistar and Vodafone, which applied the increases on January 13 and 22, respectively, Orange will raise the prices of its  fiber, mobile and television packages on March 26, the second increase in six months, and makes them up to 5 euros more expensive per month:

– 2 euros more for all your fiber and mobile packages that do not include football.

– 5 euros more for those that include football channels.

These increases in the prices of the operators used to be accompanied by improvements in the products, but this time this has not been the case and the companies have not incorporated new features into their rates , despite having a higher cost. That is, customers will pay more money for the same service.

mobile rates

Mobile rates will also raise their prices by one or two euros per month:

– Go Flex Extra: increases your fee from 25 to 26 euros per month. In this case, an increase in the number of gigabytes available every 6 months to 300GB applies (with 30GB per month and 120GB to be enjoyed every six months)

– Go Max TV Initial:  increases from 35 to 37 euros per month. No new features apply and it is maintained with unlimited calls and data, 60 television channels and 37 GB in roaming .

– Go Max TV Supra: increases from 40 to 42 euros per month. No new features apply and it is maintained with unlimited calls and data, 90 television channels and 42 GB in roaming .

Orange defends that, although at first it had resisted applying an increase, the cost of energy has had a direct impact on its services and adds that this rise is caused by the need to invest in the network.

In addition, they also justify the increase by comparing the prices in Spain in relation to the rest of European countries, where the rates are higher. “We are protected,” they have stated.

The orange operator clarifies that customers who benefit from discounts or promotions will continue to enjoy them, but applied to the new price when it comes into force. If you do not agree with the new conditions, you can unsubscribe and break the contract without penalty as long as it is done before March 26.

If you want to leave the company and you have  permanence for a device,  you will have to face possible pending payments and the penalty for not fulfilling the time stipulated in the contract.


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