What is sustainable development for a company?

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A simple search on your favorite search engine quickly brings you a definition of sustainable development. It is a development that helps meet the needs of our society while ensuring that future generations can do the same. Very good, but when you are relatively new to the subject, how do you link it to your business? And above all, how can sustainable development become a performance lever and not a constraint? Indeed, the legal framework but also the demands of the actors surrounding a company may seem an additional burden. But that’s not the case at all! If you know how to approach sustainable development through a strategic methodology, it becomes your ally. A company that is more efficient but also more eco-responsible and with better consideration of the needs of your employees? Yes it’s possible !

Training is a great tool for acquiring the skills necessary to implement a coherent and comprehensive CSR policy in your work organization. Thanks to the basic concepts and methodologies, you will be able to breathe performance, innovation and values ​​into your company!

What is sustainable development for a company today?

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Perhaps you have heard of Corporate Social Responsibility. This concept, which may seem somewhat vague to some, is simply sustainable development applied to businesses. These are all the practices that make it possible, on a daily basis, to ensure the sustainability of the company without negative impact on the environment or on society.

The concept of stakeholders is at the heart of CSR. A stakeholder is any person or category of persons who is impacted or may impact the activity of your business.

CSR (or sustainable development for companies) is therefore about being able to understand not only the strategic needs of your stakeholders but also those of your company. It is only when these two elements are clear that it is possible to compare them. By finding overlapping needs, we identify our CSR issues. This is why we speak of a “win-win” situation: the two parties work together on common actions that respond to their personal problems.

What are the advantages of a sustainable development policy for a company?

The list of benefits of implementing a CSR policy is long. However, it is also very specific to your business and its context. Certain issues are repeated from one company to another: reduction of the turnover rate, employee well-being, innovation at the heart of the company’s processes and work processes, cost reduction , … CSR is able to provide, if not answers, at least lines of thought on these subjects.

Concerning your strategic issues specific to your company, an analysis work must make it possible to bring them out. Seasoned consultants on the subject have analysis methodology to bring them up.

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Still not convinced? Here are some numbers that speak for themselves:

How to implement a sustainable development policy in business?

Structuring the implementation of a coherent CSR policy and above all in line with the strategic challenges of your company is simpler than it seems. It does not matter the context of your company or the sector of activity in which you are active. It is always relevant and above all essential to take stock of your strategic challenges. Once these are known, it allows you to direct your resources. It is impossible to do everything. It’s necessary to choose ! But above all, you have to know how to choose strategically!

Faced with the multitude of actions and voices available and possible, one can easily feel overwhelmed. In order to guide you in the choice of your actions, tools exist. The best will rely on the concept of materiality matrix. The most advanced will even dare to tackle the matrix of double materiality. Here is such a tool: in less than 15 minutes, he will determine the field(s) of action on which to direct your efforts. What are you waiting for to test it for free?

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Do you think sustainable development and CSR are good strategic levers for developing your business? Do you want to get started but are still hesitating about the next step? Do you doubt which strategic issues to tackle first? Contact our consultants today. They have been supporting companies and public organizations for nearly 15 years in defining and implementing sustainable development policies. They will be delighted to share their expertise and experience on the subject with you!

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