Why delegate in business?

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We talk a lot about delegation at work and all its modalities. But you are certainly wondering: Why delegate in business? Should we necessarily delegate tasks? Are there really any benefits to doing this? We answer your questions.

Should we necessarily delegate tasks in a company?

If delegation is the watchword of many managers, no one is required to exercise it, of course. Many managers still refuse to delegate, as underlined by the Harvard Business Review. We have identified the main obstacles, which can range from a lack of resources to the presence of psychological barriers. Here is a non-exhaustive list :

  • The manager could not identify a collaborator or the collaborator able to take on the task or missionor in whom he or she trusts enough
  • The manager feels that delegation takes too long. You have to explain the mission, follow up on the delegation, accompany the person in charge… He or she prefers to do it alone.
  • The manager is afraid of to lose control of the project.

We can consider that these obstacles are not really obstacles, since they are ultimately only the reflection of fears and/or of a method that can be improved. Indeed, delegation is an art!

The benefits of delegation

Delegation has many advantages that far outweigh the barriers listed above. When mastered, this management technique guarantees agility and collaboration within the company. It also guarantees the proper development of the organization.

For the Manager

  • Better manage your time. In theory, your day is well organized and the tasks are distributed so as not to cause stress. However, in practice, you are interrupted by other tasks to accomplish, unforeseen events, and meetings. Freeing yourself from certain obligations allows you to free up time to devote yourself to missions with greater added value and which require your specific skills. Delegation at work therefore allows you to increase productivity and put your talents at the service of the company.
  • Focus on your main mission. Delegating certain tasks allows you to disperse less and to refocus on the essentials. By freeing up time, you can indeed redirect your energy and your skills where they are most useful to the organization, i.e. supporting your teams, ensuring that they achieve their objectives, ‘they feel good at work, by implementing processes that boost results, and by participating in the overall growth of the organization.

For your teams

  • Empower your employees. By selecting an employee to whom to delegate a mission, you show him that you trust him to carry it out. Delegation allows you to empower and enhance your teams. These two elements are two major factors of motivation and good quality of life at work, and therefore of productivity. You allow your collaborator.ice to get more involved and take initiatives.
  • Develop your teams. At the beginning of a delegation, you will need to take stock with your collaborator.ice of the tools and skills to be mobilised. This is an opportunity for this person to train in new tools or systems, to take initiatives, to expand their network, to learn new work techniques and to gain experience. Delegating in a company is therefore also a way to develop and enrich your talents.
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