Workload and organization of your teams

Workload and organization of your teams Image credit: Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash, cropped by Nicomak

Properly organizing the tasks and processes of your teams is a key element in successfully managing your company’s workload. A good organization allows you to increase productivity and improves the QWL of employees. Yes, but here it is: as theInternational Institute of Directors and Managers, very few organizations are trained to manage a large workload. In this article, we give you all the keys to better manage the workload and the organization of your teams.

Identify the workload

While it may seem obvious, assessing the overall workload of your teams is not always so easy. Between the various missions in progress, it is nevertheless important to know what has been done, by whom, and what remains to be dealt with.

First, this approach will help you prioritize and contain the tasks that take up your time. In particular, you can help yourself with Eisenhower matrix. It is a task management tool based on two prioritization criteria: urgency and importance. Thus, you can classify the tasks into four categories: priority tasks, to plan, to delegate and to abandon.

Once the workload is clear, let’s move on to organization and coordination.

Manage individual workloads

Along with identifying the workload, it is important to take stock of what each team member has already done, but also what he or she could do.

You will then be able to connect the right people with the right tasks, taking into account everyone’s availability, skills and experience.

Depending on your situation, it may be interesting to create a work flowchart in order to break down the workload into smaller, more easily affordable and assessable portions. In particular, you can work on implementing strategies and tools designed for better time management.

By inviting the members of your team to take part in the reflection, you will know more about everyone’s availability as well as their way of organizing themselves. They will thus feel more considered by being included in the planning process. This is also the ideal time to assign tasks, clarify expectations and answer questions while strengthening team motivation.

Adjustments and feedback

Performing points during the mission and feedback at the end of a project are extremely important to continuously improve work processes.

Even if you have organized yourself very well to carry out your projects as well as possible, knowing how to decide and make adjustments during the mission is a strength. It is particularly important to plan work meetings and/or individual interviews to find out how things are progressing, who feels overwhelmed and needs help, who is more available, etc. If you prefer to avoid the multiplication of meetings, you can also set up effective communication tools such as teamwork management software. They make it possible to communicate directly within the tasks and to accelerate the search for information.

The experience feedback makes it possible to identify what worked well. It promotes the sharing of good practices and allows you to talk about the most negative points in order to better manage the workload and the organization of your teams in the future. In the case of positive experiences, the feedback also makes it possible to promote and motivate employees.

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